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Thank you Antiques Roadshow volunteers!

posted Aug 18, 2017, 2:50 PM by Jenn Forristal   [ updated Oct 11, 2017, 3:45 PM ]
Last weekend, OPB volunteers showed the community, and the country, that they are the best around. 126 dedicated and hard-working volunteers participated in what was one of the the longest Antiques Roadshow events ever, and they pulled it off with impressive professionalism and grace.

Without volunteers, Antiques Roadshow simply would not be possible. The results of their hard work will be enjoyed by millions of people across the country.

The new season of Antiques Roadshow will air on OPB starting in January 2018, and the Portland episode should air in April or May.

Thank you for a job well done!

Alan Wold
Alex Garfield
Allison Cornett
Amanda Bulka
Amanda Gardner
Ana T Echeverria
Anand Tawker
Andrea Lieuallen
Ann Pedersen
Anne Siebel
Anne Venner
Ans van Gent
Antony Valoppi
Barbara Robertson
Barbara Smith Watson
Brenda Ray Scott
Carmen Blatt
Carol Benda
Carolyn Stewart
Cathy Woodcock
Chari Anang
Christine La Chance
Claire E. Cappel
Connie Hawes
Cynthia Wojack
Daniel Peterson
Danny Dunn
David Krogh
David Sprau
Denise Peloquin
Don Stephens
Donald Ross
Edie Brannon
Elizabeth (Betsy) Dixon
Emily Chadwick
Erik Kolstad
Flory Wold
Gabrielle Foulkes
Gail McMurchie
Gale Pudlitzke
Gayle Iwalani
Gina Castillo
Gretchen Baller
Jan Abbott
Jeanne Robin
Jen Elkington
Jennifer Beaman
Jill Sydnor
Jim Bauer
Jim Brown
Joan Reynolds
John Stewart
John Venner
Judith A.Fisher
Judy Sears
Julie Poust
Julie Young
Karle Wagner
Kathleen Harrison
Kathy Budny
Katriona Butler
Kelly Serena Cutts
Laura Jenkins
Laura Rude
Lee Anne Barham
Lee Ball
Leslie Hutchinson
Leslie J. Averill
Linda Sprau
Lindsey Prout
Louise Schroeder
Lydia Mancilla
Maggie Patterson
Marilyn Schroeder
Marna Tisdel
Marshall Starr
Martha Kennedy-Lindley
Mary Simon
MaryAnn Farley
MaryAnn Specht
Mitch Beardsley
Nancy Matthews
Nancy Stewart
Natalia Smiley
Nathan Wallace
Nona Marshall
Pam Moritz
Pam Smith
Patricia Clement
Paula Frechen
Peggy Harkins
Phyllis Arnoff
Rachael Woody
Ray Lambeth
Rebecca Roberts
Richard Marshall
Rob Bednark
Robin Helm
Rosa Olson McKenzie
Rosemary Robinia
Roz Collins
Sandie Wilkins
Sara Bednark
Sara Z Abel
Sarah Vitak
Shari Blackburn
Sharon Lezin
Sheila Kirk
Shelley White
Sheree Tanner
Sheridan Lucas
Sue Volek
Suzi Uhl
Tamra Rooney
Terry Lambeth
Theresa DeGrandpre
Tiffany Gates
Tim Hutchinson
Tomomi Arita
Virginia Schroeder
Wayne Stewart
Will Dixon
William Lambeth
William Siegrist
Yu Shen