Fantastic Fiscal Year

Post date: Jul 1, 2013

June 30 marks the end of our fiscal year here at OPB. 2012-13 was another super year, thanks in large parts to the contributions and involvement of volunteers. Here's just a few of the ways that your involvement helps OPB be a stronger organization.

    • 19 tours (counting Open House as one massive tour) were conducted by 14 volunteer Tour Guides that brought roughly 800 community members through our facilities.
    • Over 960 volunteers donated time (a total of over 3,000 hours!) to membership drives this fiscal year, by answering phones or serving in a leadership role. Phone answerers took over 27,000 phone calls!
    • 22 groups (businesses, organizations, social clubs etc.) came in to answer phones during membership drives.
    • The Call-Out program raised $15,123.96 during membership drives, with Oregon Association of Home Inspectors raising the highest amount in one day at $480. This is in thanks to many generous organizations and OPB volunteers who called friends, family and colleagues during our membership drives.
    • OPB's Volunteer Resources is fortunate enough to have a great group of 34 companies who generously donate food, beverages and supplies for our membership drives. This fiscal year we received $9,724.60 in donated goods (vs. $2,557 in purchased food). If you happen to visit one of these businesses, please let them know you are an OPB volunteer and thank them for their contribution. If you know someone that might be interested in donating please direct them to
    • 18 interns (out of 81 applicants) were placed in various departments at OPB/KMHD.
    • 34 volunteer on-air hosts for KMHD and 14 volunteer hosts for opbmusic.
    • More than 80 volunteer roles were filled in nearly every area of the organization. These roles ranged from membership drive support to PIN Outreach to field production assistants to translation.

Volunteers help OPB to not only expand the work we do, but also to improve how we do it. Whenyou give your skills, effort and time to OPB, you help us meet your mission of giving voice to the community, connecting Oregon and its neighbors, and illuminating a wider world.

You are important to OPB. Your dedication and passion help us move forward. Thank you!