Message to Volunteers from President and CEO, Steve Bass

Post date: Apr 19, 2020

Dear Volunteers,

As we navigate the significant challenges we’re facing, OPB’s top priority is to keep the community informed and connected. Your service helps us meet this critical need. The current situation brings into focus the crucial importance of providing access to reliable, fact-based information to all. And the respite OPB provides in the form of music, arts, and culture has never been more important. Thank you for contributing your time and talents to keep the community informed and connected.

Currently, the majority of OPB staff are working from home, while a small team is still working in the building in order to keep us on the air and able to provide our services to the public. Quickly transitioning from an on-site workplace to a remote environment took tremendous effort from people throughout the organization, and I am happy to report that the transition has largely been successful.

We had planned to provide you a detailed update about all the recent and significant changes at OPB during a tour for volunteers at OPB. But that will have to wait. In the meantime, thank you for all of the work you do to support OPB. Whether you help with membership drives, host a music program, or provide office or production support, you help us serve the community that is relying on us now more than ever.

We face uncertainty in the coming months, but we know that our collective strength will help us weather the storm. Thank you for doing your part to help OPB meet the needs of our community. The time and effort you put in over the last year is helping us to keep our region informed and engaged during this challenging time. We are wishing you well and look forward to seeing you again when this is behind us.


Steve Bass

President & CEO