Getting Started

Welcome to the Team!

Thank you for choosing to share your time and talents with OPB. We look forward to working with you!

Volunteer Opportunities

The most recent opportunities always can be found on the "Available Volunteer Opportunities" tab. New opportunities are listed at the top of the page, and you can scroll down to view ongoing opportunities.

Most months, there will be some new position offerings at OPB. These can vary from things like being an office assistant in one of the administrative departments at OPB, to doing research for a show like Oregon Art Beat. Often, we'll have many volunteers that are interested in and qualified for such positions. Most of the time, the staff member that will be supervising the volunteer will conduct interviews to select the best candidate for the position.

Many people come to OPB hoping to volunteer doing hands-on technical work like hosting a program on OPB Radio, doing camera work or video editing, or reporting on current events. These sorts of opportunities are rarely, if ever, available to volunteers. If you're looking for that type of experience, you may want to check out some of the other community media organizations in the area. If you are interested in seeing a list of these organizations, please let us know.

Volunteers must be 18 years or over to participate. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate court-mandated service or volunteering associated with academic assignments or graduation requirements.

Email Updates

About every four to eight weeks, we send an email that describes our current volunteer opportunities and other updates. The latest information always can be found on the Available Volunteer Opportunities and Updates pages of this website.

OPB Personal Identification Number (PIN)

We’ve created a unique number for you to use at OPB when you volunteer. Each time you arrive at OPB, you’ll use this number to sign in at the computer in the lobby. This allows us to track your hours. Also, remember to sign out when you leave!

If you are volunteering in a virtual/remote role, please ask us how to track your volunteer hours using your PIN.

Your PIN is usually the last 5 numbers of your phone number. If your PIN isn't working for you, please email us at


If you have any questions, we're here to help! Feel free to contact us at