New Volunteer Coordinator

Post date: Apr 26, 2018

Becca Reyes-Geislinger is our newest staff member! They have joined Jen Ames, Jenn Forristal, and our other part-time volunteer coordinators. They will be in the office on a part-time basis, and also will be helping with membership drives and volunteer trainings. Becca has over a decade of experience working in volunteer programs, and currently works with the Northwest Children’s Theater. We’re very lucky to have them. Check out their bio below!

A Colorado native, Becca moved to the Pacific Northwest for college. After graduation, they took a three-month roadtrip around the U.S. and briefly lived in Chicago. It didn’t take long however for Becca to conclude that the Pacific Northwest felt the most like home and to return to Portland to settle down. In addition to working at OPB, they work as the volunteer coordinator for a Portland-based children’s theater. Becca loves working with volunteers! Previously, they’ve worked as a volunteer coordinator for a Portland-based reuse organization, Chicago-based food pantry, and a Colorado-based library. When they’re not coordinating volunteers, Becca can be found volunteering at the library, puttering around in their garden, or playing board games. Becca also enjoys spending time with their spouse, Luz, and their tuxedo cat, Für Elise.