Successful February Radio Drive!

Post date: Feb 20, 2015

Thanks to everyone that helped with our February Radio Drive!

Groups and Phone Answerers:

The following organization put together a group of folks to answer phones during the Membership Drive. Their support helped make our Membership Drive a success!

The Strand Condos


The Call-Out Program raised $1,405 during this Membership Drive.

Thanks to our individual and group volunteers who made phone calls to friends, family and coworkers, asking them to support OPB! We appreciate your support of OPB.


Thank you to our fabulous Food Donors:

The following folks donated goods/services to the Membership Drive. If you happen to purchase or visit one of these businesses, please let them know you are an OPB Volunteer and thank them for their contribution.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Crema Coffee & Bakery

Flying Pie Pizzeria

Grocery Getter Organic

Jo Foody's Catering

King Harvest Natural Foods

Kobos Coffee

Laughing Planet Cafe

Pacific Pie Company

Palace Cakes

Pix Patisserie

Portland French Bakery

Sesame Donuts

The Better Bean Company

Zell's Cafe

Zupan’s Market on Macadam