Super Spring TV Drive!

Post date: Mar 28, 2018

Thank you to all the fabulous volunteers who helped with our March TV Drive, our first off-camera TV drive during our construction period. The drive was successful, raising $459,788 from 2,835 members. We're excited to report that 50% of members joined the sustaining circle! Our success was thanks to the exceptional customer service provided by OPB volunteers.

Thank you to our fabulous Phone Groups!

The following organizations put together a group of folks to answer phones during the Membership Drive. Their support helped make our Membership Drive a success!

Micha-el School

Radio Room


Thank you to our fantastic Food Donor!

The following folks donated goodies to the Membership Drive. If you happen to purchase or visit one of these businesses, please let them know you are an OPB Volunteer and thank them for their contribution.

Bluebird Bakers