Thank you admin team!

Post date: Jun 16, 2016

Early this year, our Member Center sent surveys to hundreds of OPB Members to find more about why Members turn to OPB as a trusted source of news, information, arts, and culture. A stellar team of 36 admin volunteers spent over 170 hours compiling information collected from about 3,900 Members! Their help was invaluable to the Member Center and provided important information about what Members enjoy, value, and for what they rely on OPB.

Thank you admin team!

Alisha Stone

Andrea Hendrickson

Ann Van Hoy

Brian Pederson

Candee Wilson

Charlotte Winter

Cheryl Bristah

Christie Brown

Dian Kubo

Elizabeth Cooksey

Gale Puditzke

Gloria Luzader

Greta Nash

Ian Yau

Jacob Hartmann

Jennifer White

Joe Lino

Karen Springer

Katie Atkinson

Konane Mookini

Lisa Molseed

Maureen Sloane

Melanie Richardson

Michael Riley

Patricia Bieze

Robbie Rice

Sabel Ketler

Sarah Henderson

Scott McKnight

Sharon Lezin

Shohreh Dastany

Susan Dean

Susan Warling

Tony Daniel

Wesley Mahan

Willow Toth