What are volunteers up to at OPB?

Post date: Apr 19, 2016

KMHD and opbmusic volunteer hosts produce about 150 hours of programming every week, and contribute more than 650 hours monthly.

Volunteer Production Assistants and content creating volunteers serve departments like Think Out Loud, News, Digital Content, Oregon Field Guide, Oregon Art Beat, National Productions and more. PAs contribute more than 130 hours every week (560 hours monthly) producing content and supporting OPB's mission.

Volunteers support OPB through ongoing roles in nearly every department. From copy-editing Primetime to filing finance records to working with members, volunteer contribute more than 275 hours a month, or 3,345 hours annually.

Volunteers help staff 7 OPB membership drives every year. More than 400 volunteers are trained to answer member calls and overall volunteers contribute 2,880 hours annually.

Volunteers assist with organizational leadership via the Board of Directors and Community Advisory Boards. These volunteers, combined with volunteers throughout OPB, contribute 25,000 hours annually.

Thank you for all you do to further the mission of OPB!